Ask questionsx/net/webdav: FileSystem interface should include CopyFile

WebDAV requires support for the COPY method (defined in RFC 2518 section 8.8). Go's WebDAV server implementation in implements it, however the current implementation simply calls FileSystem.OpenFile on the source and destination and uses io.Copy to pipe the content.

While this is fine in some cases, I really think that the user should be able to override / implement this by adding a CopyFile method to the FileSystem interface. Two major reasons I see:

  • The current implementation is inefficient on filesystems that support copy-on-write.
  • The current implementation is inefficient on remote filesystems (effectively, it will pull a file locally and send it back).

Answer questions fstanis

BTW happy to send a PR, just wanted to get an opinion on whether this kind of API change is a good idea first.


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