Ask questionscmd/dist: "unexpected stale targets" on linux-ppc64le-power9osu builder

The linux-ppc64le-power9osu builder is frequently failing in cmd/dist.

It's not obvious to me exactly which cmd/dist invocation is failing, though. More logging would probably be helpful.

Curiously, the other *-ppc* builders do not seem to be affected.

2019-11-21T14:55:12-8bbfc51/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-11-19T18:43:52-2ac9f1d/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-10-30T20:46:44-81a74b4/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-10-22T17:34:15-22278ca/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-10-22T10:09:39-16f0f9c/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-10-17T18:21:01-3972f97/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-10-17T17:11:19-4569f1b/linux-ppc64le-power9osu 2019-10-16T23:10:06-4cabf69/linux-ppc64le-power9osu

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I found that the old power9 builder was still active out in the farm (not running Docker). Not sure but maybe these errors were happening if that buildlet was being used, since the error happened intermittently. Carlos has shut down that buildlet and we will see if that makes a difference.


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