Ask questionsruntime, x/net/internal/socket: thread sanitizer failing on ppc64le

Thread sanitizer is failing on linux-ppc64le-buildlet and linux-ppc64le-power9osu

The test is from the x/net repository, but I'm not sure that matters much.

From :

--- FAIL: TestRace (16.94s)
    --- FAIL: TestRace/test_0 (16.04s)
        socket_test.go:363: race not detected for test 0: err:<nil> out:FATAL: ThreadSanitizer CHECK failed: ./gotsan.cpp:14108 "((personality(old_personality | ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE))) != ((-1))" (0xffffffffffffffff, 0xffffffffffffffff)
    --- FAIL: TestRace/test_1 (0.91s)
        socket_test.go:363: race not detected for test 1: err:<nil> out:FATAL: ThreadSanitizer CHECK failed: ./gotsan.cpp:14108 "((personality(old_personality | ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE))) != ((-1))" (0xffffffffffffffff, 0xffffffffffffffff)
FAIL	16.953s

Some internal check in tsan is failing, causing this test to fail. We claim to support the race detector in this config, so this test should pass.



Answer questions laboger

If I look at the code from LLVM from the error output I see this:

  // Disable ASLR for Linux PPC64LE.
  int old_personality = personality(0xffffffff);
  if (old_personality != -1 && (old_personality & ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE) == 0) {
    VReport(1, "WARNING: Program is being run with address space layout "
               "randomization (ASLR) enabled which prevents the thread and "
               "memory sanitizers from working on powerpc64le.\n"
               "ASLR will be disabled and the program re-executed.\n");
    CHECK_NE(personality(old_personality | ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE), -1);

So I believe that error message is saying the test is supposed to be able to set the personality to ADDR_NO_RANDOMIZE but that failed.


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