Ask questionscmd/go: `go clean <package>` downloads modules

#28680 is fixed and go clean --modcache command no longer donwloads modules before cleaning if no argument is given to the command.

Note however 'go clean' accepts packages parameter as an argument(which isn't relevant to -modcache but is still meaningful for other purposes of go clean). If they are given, go clean still downloads the modules and even updates the go.mod file.

<pre> $ go help clean usage: go clean [clean flags] [build flags] [packages] ... $ export GOPATH=$(mktemp -d) $ go1.13beta1 clean -testcache -cache -modcache $ go1.13beta1 mod init scratch go: creating new go.mod: module scratch $ go1.13beta1 clean go: finding v0.3.2 go: downloading v0.3.2 go: extracting v0.3.2 $ cat go.mod module scratch

go 1.13

require v0.3.2 // indirect </pre>

And the go clean -modcache <package> behaves differently. <pre> $ go1.13beta1 clean -modcache $ go1.13beta1 clean -modcache go: downloading v0.3.2 go: extracting v0.3.2 go: finding v0.3.2 </pre>


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@hitzhangjie, that seems mostly unrelated to the issue reported here. If you are seeing something you believe to be a regression, please file a new issue with complete steps to reproduce it.


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