Ask questionscontextModified is not properly re-evaluated if pages are deleted & created


In logic was added to re-evaluate page query when page context was changed. However, this doesn't work in all cases: sometimes pageContext change and there's no way to retrigger a change

This is the code that re-evaluates if page context have changed:

But when we try to replace pages hooking into createPage, following this documentation

with some logic like this one:

exports.onCreatePage = ({ page, actions }) => {
  const { createPage, deletePage } = actions

  if ( {
    // You can access the variable "house" in your page queries now
      context: {,
        house: `Gryffindor`,

and when using gatsby develop, after hitting the __refresh data endpoint, if the conditions when the page gets replaced change, the contextModified logic doesn't work, because after "deleting" the original page, the condition const contextModified = !!oldPage && !_.isEqual(oldPage.context, internalPage.context) evaluates to false (oldPage does not exist)..

Steps to reproduce

  • Gatsby develop with is false
  • Render page
  • Change remote data source so becomes true
  • Hit the __refresh endpoint
  • Render the page

Expected result

Replaced page is rendered with the new context

Actual result

Replaced page with the original context


Answer questions pieh

You are right. I just wonder how we could fix that... deletePage has immediate effect so our store removes that completely and when we recreate it, there's nothing to compare.

I do wonder if we could figure out "entry" createPage action call to grab oldPage from it, run all of the onCreatePage cascade and then compare after everything finished.

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