Ask questionsEvents should be colored based on their categories

Coloring events based on their categories would be a must.

Most major 'offline' calendar clients support this (ie. korganizer), and it's far easier to add 50+ categories, on the fly, than to have to setup an additional calendar to share (and don't forget to update all the clients to connect to that new superfluous calendar) every time you want to add a new 'category'/color to your calendar.

For info, the calendar apps that support categories coloring managed the coloring problem by allowing to either:

  • use only the categories color (and use only the very first category color if multiple categories are present)
  • use only the agenda color (this defeat the purpose of this feature request but oh well)
  • use the categories color inside (background color), and the agenda color outside (border color)
  • use the agenda color inside (background color), and the categories color outside (border color)

tl;dr Since you can add categories on events and tasks in an .ics file, it would be great to be able to define a color for each category, and have it applied on all the events that have that category (on all the calendars).


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Could this be reopened? I fail to see how event rendering hooks can be used by end users, unfortunately.


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