Ask questions$FlowFixMe not taken into account anymore in some situations with 0.129.0

Version 0.129.0 reports errors despite $FlowFixMe

For instance:

// $FlowFixMe
delete this._isPlayBack;


Cannot delete `this._isPlayBack` because  undefined [1] is incompatible with  boolean [2]. Flow(incompatible-type)
myfile.js[864, 3]: [1] undefined
myfile.js[144, 29]: [2] boolean

I have dozens of errors like that on code that was clean since I upgraded to 0.129.0. Am I missing something?


Answer questions dsainati1

Ah I see. This is a deliberate change. Flow added support for error codes in a recent release, and in order to make this possible we had to standardize some of the ways that suppression comments work.

They must be on the line before the error, so having them on the end of the same line doesn't work. The first example also doesn't work because they must be the only comment on their line, and the comment must begin with the $FlowFixMe or $FlowIgnore


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