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Update (December 31): Join me on Slack to follow along and help with the UX process!


Checklist: Contributor Documentation

  • [x] Refresh docs intro text
  • [x] Refresh Getting Started text
  • [x] Refresh Build page
  • [x] Review other Firefox Contributor docs
  • [x] Review docs feedback
  • [ ] Expand UI Review docs

Original description:

We need an initial lightweight solution for better onboarding docs/tutorials. (I'm thinking of this like an MVP - something that we can get done this month.)

What would this look like? Just changes to the introductory text on our docs or website? Or do we need to add an FAQs and troubleshooting page? Feedback needed from both those who mentor new contributors and contributors of any experience level :).


Answer questions violasong

Thanks Honza and Sylvestre :)

Since most of the work is done, I'm going to close this issue. I created a new one for this remaining task: Improve design for community site (


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