Ask questionsInline error annotations in Debugger is adding inline error annotations.

If an error is thrown the line gets annotated with an error icon that shows the error message + stack on hover.

The same mechanism could eventually also map console error and warnings to console locations to show them in context when loading a source and stepping through the code.

The idea would be to unblock landing the work soon and to file follow up bugs for UI polish.

@jasonLaster brought up a point, that the expression could be red underlined without an icon. Maybe the styling could be similar to matched strings, but in red?



Answer questions violasong

Ah, line background seems good to me. Looks like it might be a slightly different color than the Console error background at the moment - would be great to match it.

The tooltip with red styling looks a bit odd when juxtaposed with the other red row. I'd suggest the regular styling for that.

It would be good to give the token a hover background. We can use that same yellow for now, though it should probably be revisited separately (should probably be a blue instead).


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