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(Following up from contributor onboarding work.)

  • Something simple that matches other Mozilla sites (see:,
  • There could be a landing page-like section on the homepage that shows a images of new features. We don't currently have organized info on why one should use Firefox DevTools

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Awesome! Re: What's New section: I think we might want to call this Highlights, and list maybe 8-10 different features with icons rather than big screenshots. Or maybe 2 things could get the big screenshot treatment, and the rest could be listed underneath.

It would be cool to focus on things that only Firefox has, so basically:

  • Inactive CSS
  • Changes
  • Grid/Flex
  • Fonts
  • Accessibility
  • 1-2 Console features
  • 1-2 Debugger feature
  • 1 Network features

cc: @digitarald for ideas of what to feature


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