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The miner PreCommitSector method only supports committing a single sector at a time. It's one of the two highest frequency methods observed on the chain at present (the other being ProveCommitSector). High-growth miners commit sectors at rates exceeding 1 per epoch. It's also a relatively expensive method, with multiple internal sends and loading and storing state including:

  • the Storage Power actor's power total (read)
  • the Storage Market actor's deal proposal AMT (read)
  • the Reward actor's totals (read)
  • the AllocatedSectors bitfield (read and modify)
  • the PrecommittedSectors HAMT (read and modify)
  • the Sectors AMT (read)
  • the PreCommittedSectorsExpiry AMT (read and modify)
  • the Storage Power actor's pledge total (read and modify)

A PreCommitSectorsBatch method has potential to amortize some of these costs across multiple sectors. If miner operators implemented a relatively short batch aggregation period (a few epochs), the number of invocations could be reduced significantly, and some of the state manipulations above reduced in proportion.


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@stuberman this is an implementation concern so your question will be best addressed by filing an issue with the implementation you are using (sounds like is the right place)


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