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Simple Summary

Allow miner to send an upgraded verified deal after the piece data has been sealed and sector has been landed on chain.


Today if client/miner wants to take advantage of Filecoin Plus program, the process is client send DataCap request to notary, with supplemental in formations provided, notary approve the request and assign DataCap to the client, then client start the deal process by sending proposal(s) with VerifiedDeal field marked "true", and miner go through the rest of deal process steps, while being part of Filecoin Plus, miners enjoy the higher quality adjusted power and clients enjoy lower storage price, a de factor binding has been imposed between filecoin plus onboarding process and deal-seal process by making successful onboarding process as the pre-condition before deal-seal

This proposal is aiming to break this de factor dependency without changing or compromising the Filecoin Plus Client Onboarding process, but just wants to introduce an additional deal upgrade message to be allowed to submit to the chain to either 1, make the previous regular deal to be an "verified deal" or 2, To supplement deal information related to a CC sector which sealed piece data with meaningful content

Change Motivation

1, Given the benefit of Filecoin Plus to both clients and miners, clients might tend to apply for DataCap before store their data in the chain, and DataCap approval process normally take days even weeks, and it's possible that eventually only partial or even no DataCap is granted, therefore it could be a barrier or a delay factor for clients to land their data in the network. Decouple Filecoin Plus and propose deal will encourage client to store their data in Filecoin first and apply DataCap in parallel or later.

2, Although the network storage power is over 6EiB, majority of it is Committed Capacity with zero data in it. Miners are not intended to use existing "CC upgrade" to make it a sector with deals because of no extra economic motivation, given the "post verification" mechanism in place, expect deals might be increasing sharply and it could be economic efficient to leverage existing committed capacity with zero piece by CC upgrade, therefore the overall piece data size parentage could be increased w.r.t overall network storage power. (For reference, in date of Jun 4, In the total 768062 precommit message, only 2 were "ReplaceCapcity" )

3, For CC sectors with non zero data piece (assume to implement in FIP "Pack arbitrary data in CC sectors and be able to upgrade them to verified data later"), no re-seal will be needed to upgrade the CC sector to a "deal sector"

Design Rationale

Two scenario will need to be considered in design: 1, New "Upgrade deal" proposal needs to be defined with verified field to be true, and new "UpggadeStorageDeal" needs to be added to the Market Actor, to link the existing original deal to the sector already committed to the network, and update the quality adjusted power. 2, With another FIP "Pack arbitrary data in CC sectors and be able to upgrade them to verified data later" implemented, a complemented proposal need to be defined to the CC sector, and a "ComplemntStorageDeal" needs to be added to the Market Actor to link the complement deal to the existed CC sector.

Backwards Compatibility

There will be no impact to the existing sectors/deals committed to the chain

Security Considerations

Seal process will keep as it is, there will be no chance to bring sectors to the network in faster manner by this proposal. The DataCap approval process will not be no change (or even be strengthen for notary to retrieve the piece data before grant the DataCap), therefore there will be no shortcut for clients/miners to bring more quality adjusted power nonauthentic way.

Incentive Considerations

1, Encourage client to bring more business data to the network without waiting for DataCap proving process 2, Encourage miner to leverage CC upgrade more often 3, For "CC sectors with data piece", no re-seal needed for CC upgrade.


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Thanks for @ozhtdong, @benjaminh83, @steven004 give us a nice proposal. Let's have a flow chart to understand this proposal easier. Please feel free to make the suggestion to complete this proposal.

flow chart  Upgrade regular deal to verified deal


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