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Hi, When I use pytorch3d to do a rendering of 640x480 RGBD image, it takes almost 1 second to do that on a TITANX GPU. How can I speed up this process?


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There are two easy things you can change in your RasterizationSettings that should give you a good speedup:

  1. Change bin_size; by setting bin_size=0 you are invoking the naive rasterizer, which is quite slow; the coarse-to-fine rasterizer should be much faster. The easiest fix is setting bin_size=None which will invoke the coarse-to-fine rasterizer using our built-in heuristics for bin size. You can also try manually tuning the bin size (try different powers of two) for your application, which might work better than the built-in heuristics. These changes should give you the same rendered images as your current settings, but faster.
  2. Reduce faces_per_pixel from 100 to something smaller (maybe 50 or 10). This will result in images that are different than your current settings, so this may affect the performance of your downstream task.

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