Ask questionsBug: react-hooks/exhaustive-deps lint rule not working as expected

This issue is related to the react-hooks/exhaustive-deps not detecting a reasonable case of warnings regarding missing dependencies.


The App contains two Children (One is the "increment" button where clicking on it will increment the value and the other child have an alert button to show the current value) while showing the current value also in the Parent component.

React version: 16.12.0

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Go to the CodeSandbox below.
  2. Click on "increment" button to update the value multiple times.
  3. Click on the "Alert Current Value" to alert the recent value from the context.

Link to code example:

The current behavior

1- react-hooks/exhaustive-deps don't report a missing dependencies. image

2- The alerted value is the initial value (0) because of the stale closure even when being updated.

To solve this you need to add the missing dependency as so:


The code will work but the lint rule wouldn't be happy to push "unnecessary" dependency as it claims!

The expected behavior

To show warning when this dependency is missing in such a reasonable case.


Answer questions vkurchatkin

why not extending the deps to consider other values

Because there is no good way to know, whether a value is "reactive" other than using conventions. Current conventions are (simplified):

  • A reactive value is a Component property, an argument of a hook or a local variable inside a hook or component;
  • A component is a function with capitalised name
  • A hook is a function that starts with use

mapState is neither a hook nor a component, hence context is not reactive.


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