Ask questionsBug: React Context API is not working from custom NPM library

I have total of three npm packages:

  1. Custom Hook: custom hook wraps useContext
  2. Provider: uses custom hook to Provide Context
  3. Consumer: uses custom hook to Retrieve Context

If I have these components in a single app, everything works as expected. However, if I separate them to their own npm packages, the state is no longer retrievable by the consumer.

React version: 16.13.1

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Since it involves creating three different npm packages to repro, I've created a github repo that demonstrates the problem. Included all source code along with it. a) Repo:
  2. Kept the example extremely simple to keep the focus on the problem.

Link to code example:

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The current behavior

The context state is not retrievable by the consumer.

The expected behavior

The context state should be retrievable by the consumer.


Answer questions vkurchatkin

If you can't reproduce it using a single a file, it is a problem with your build configuration, not React


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