Ask questionsBug: function component cannot have ref property

When passing ref property to a function component, validateFunctionComponentInDev shows a warning about it being a bad thing.

React version: HEAD

While this might have been true for stateless function components (as many places refer to func components), probably since the introduction of hooks, they can have state, and I had the impression that one could rewrite any class component into a function based one.

function TestComponent({ref}) {
  const [state] = React.useState({
    stateField1: 42,
  assignRef(ref, state);
  return (
      { state.stateField1 }

This code wont work, caller would never be able to get The Answer. Caller is sad.

The current behavior

React giving a warning and making the ref prop defunct.

The expected behavior

Remove limitation and let ref on my function component live happily ever after.


Answer questions vkurchatkin

Oh, that's right, forwardRef is a misnomer, it's just the way to access ref property within your component. If you name it differently, say myRef, you don't need forwardRef and can just use seImperativeHandle


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