Ask questions[Feature Request] Allow dependency length to change in hooks

Not allowing dependency lists to change size limits the usefulness of useMemo in this particular use case but I imagine there are other similar use cases.

To be clear I am talking about the error triggered here:

For instance, in my app I have a bunch of items and the user can select an unlimited amount of them, in another component I want to compute an expensive derived value based on this selection that is relevant only to this component, a good use case for useMemo.

However it is not currently possible to use useMemo and I am forced to compute this derived data outside of this component even though I am only interested in doing so whilst this component is mounted.

I don't understand why a change in dependency list length cannot be assumed to be a change in the dependencies itself?

I believe this can be implemented by changing the above to:

if (prevDeps.length !== nextDeps.length) {
    return false;

Answer questions vkurchatkin

This is seems like a non-problem: just add an array itself as a single dependency.


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