Ask questionsBug: [eslint-plugin-react-hooks] exhaustive-deps doesn't allow for array hashing

I'm not sure how to file this. Please let me know if I need to adjust anything. Thanks!

React version: 16.13.0

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Create a useEffect hook that accesses an array whose identity might change, even when its contents do not
  2. Attempt to provide a hashed value of the array as a dependency
  3. See react-hooks/exhaustive-deps give the following error: "React Hook useEffect has a missing dependency"



Link to code example:

The current behavior

There doesn't seem to be any way to tell exhaustive-deps to allow a function to be used to calculate a deterministic hash of a dependent array for the purpose of knowing when that array's contents have changed (since useEffect compares arrays by identity, not by contents)

The expected behavior

There should be some way to do this?


Answer questions vkurchatkin

There should be some way to do this?

There is: eslint-disable-next-line


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