Ask questions[3.16] Support semanticTokens missing methods

SPEC lsp-mode is missing the implementation of:

  • :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: textDocument/semanticTokens/full/delta witch should improve performance bringing only the tokens relative to existing ones
  • :arrow_left: workspace/semanticTokens/refresh not critical, which allows server request client to refresh the tokens at any time.

Answer questions FelipeLema

I can write such "saving them and making them public"

I'm interested in doing so because I'm working on implementing semanticTokens in ccls and it was pointed out that I'm leaving out a tightly-coupled feature of ccls with Emacs.

I thought that a) other packages could benefit from having the current tokens b) decoupling rainbow semantic highlight from ccls-the-server and ccls-the-package is a good idea.

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