Ask questionsValidatorFX depends on Linux JavaFX artifacts


When ValidatorFX is added to pom.xml:


For some reason, this artifacts contains the dependencies to the javafx-base, javafx-controls and javafx-graphics with the 'linux' classifier.

As a result, when I import this project on Windows, I get 2 copies of these dependencies: the first one is added by javafx-controls explicit dependency in the project pom, and downloads the windows-specific artifacts, the second one comes from validatorfx, and use 'linux'. This causes the errors in the module-info, like Module 'com.example.demo1444d' reads package 'javafx.beans' from both 'javafx.base' and 'javafx.base'.

Please exclude javafx dependencies from the resulting POM, e.g. ControlsFX does not have dependencies on javafx libs.


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Could this be the cause?


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