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Describe the solution you'd like We are suggesting you add Spyse as one of the data sources for: DNS, subdomain enumeration, retrieving web information, hosts, certificates, and ports. Potential is immense. Contact us if you need any help or a free subscription to make it free for users.

Describe alternatives you've considered Alternatives could be shodan or censys.

Additional context I'm offering Spyse because it has different scanning and analyzing systems that provide a more clear and sometimes larger amounts of data.

Notice: I work for Spyse.


Answer questions Luci-d

Hi @Luci-d ! Really Thank u for this proposal. Currently I'm really full of work and I can't think about this :( I think in the weekend I will be free to discuss everything! I will ping you to request additional informations 👍 My email is, send me an email with yours

Sure, totally understand. Here are my contacts: – – –


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