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I think the syntax deno install --dir /path/to target_exe is annoying if you just want to create a local alias. It can be improved by detecting a path separator in the exe name and treating it as a path in that case, just like when running executables in the shell.

deno install target_exe <URL> -> ~/.deno/bin/target_exe deno install ./target_exe <URL> -> $(pwd)/target_exe deno install path/to/target_exe <URL> -> $(pwd)/path/to/target_exe deno install /usr/local/bin/target_exe <URL> -> /usr/local/bin/target_exe


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The difference between path and name is subtle in that CLI you've suggested.. I wonder if we couldn't brain storm other ideas?

What if when you don't specify the "name" but only the URL, you get the shell script printed to stdout. Then users can do deno install $URL > /usr/local/bin/ ... This would be similar to how deno bundle works - and I think that CLI is quite nice.


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