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In the picture of the rocket, the 1.4G for the acceleration is depicted but when I am printing the value of the variable with the command console.log(a) I get roughly 3.92 (m/sec^2) The conversion of the 1.4G to m/sec^2 yields 13.73 m/sec^2 Are all this correct?


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I use Taylor expansion in place of Euler integration ( first order Taylor expansion), similarly to the dragster example and I observe a MSE : 979 m... If I add 9.8 (m/s^2) to "a" (which is equal to 3.92 m/s^2) my MSE becomes 3807847 m... I understand that's wrong (we try to have a zero MSE with noise turned off), but mustn't I change the value of "a" so as it is equal to 1.4G?


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