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The altitude of the particles with respect to the sea level as far I understood is also altsea right? If not, is it random and why do we need altsea and not just compare and ? Also is it necessary to use the fact that the highest point of the terrain is 255 m somewhere in our calculations? Could you give as a hint on why do we need it? Also it is written that: The noise's purpose is to diversify our particles helping them avoid getting stuck in local maxima. Unfortunately I don't completely understand this. Where does this local maxima refer to? to the altitude?

Thank you in advance


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This "why do we need altsea and not just compare and ?" was just a question in case the altsea is not the altitude of the particles above sea level. I know that we are looking for the plane's location... but as you wrote I also thought that I can find the using the altsea and altGround and compare it with

Thank you for the answers


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