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1.0.0 will, Allah willing, include the ultramegaok demo. Just how ultra, mega, and ok it will be remains to be seen.

Putting it together as envisioned in the shower just now will require:

  • mouse events, stretch in and of itself (#165 , complex probably)
  • pulsing text, shouldn't be tough (#163 , not too tough)
  • braille graphs (#136, large issue)
  • demo generics (to get timing for each, etc.) (#164 , should be simple)
  • and a demo carrier (this bug, probably a day's work to get perfect)

but oh man wouldn't it be phat!


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This single header only project is really good, and has most of the algorithms you'd need (e.g. tile generator, noise function, etc.) to build the sort of demo I described in my previous comment:


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