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We ought add the ability to draw graphs (histograms at least are present in the Curses Development Kit). Ours ought of course look much better :D. Once we have them, an awesome demo would be collecting the results of each demo, and graphing them at the end (total time, FPS, etc.). This is probably a post-1.0 activity.


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You downvoted me? :cry:

Would a scripted subprocess be sufficient for now? I wrote this just now, for you, since I love your project and want to help it be successful:

With minimal effort, you could embed this script into your program using the gas .incbin directive and then fork+exec a subprocess. I don't know if you care about pure WIN32 (i.e. no cygwin and msys) but you'd basically have to rewrite the script in c++ to download derasterize and then launch it via CreateProcess() which is fine since it only links KERNEL32.

You could also embed the source code to derasterize (licensed isc), write your own equation lexer/parser, and feed it into the rendering algorithm.



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