Ask questionsMachine Code to WASM Compiler

  • Use Capstone to disassemble
  • Write out WASM
  • Build in language that itself can compile to WASM (i.e. Rust) so it can be used (hopefully) w/ statically compiled Capstone in the browser
  • Build proof of concept allowing user to drag exe onto webpage and watch it run
  • While a fun project, the question is "why"?
    • Can't really think of a good reason
    • The jslinux project exists that is qemu in the browser which can handle apps that live update instructions which this couldn't
    • Are there a bunch of exes sans source that would benefit from this? Otherwise, using the original source language is way better
    • Maybe a nice quick tool that will turn a CLI tool into a usable JS call? Meh
    • TODO: come up with a good benefit or I ain't working on it

Answer questions cretz

Nice! Afraid I don't have any intentions or insight on doing this, but I do agree it would be cool.


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