Ask questionsUnable to completing-read CMake preset the second time

Expected behavior

projectile-configure-project, when run second time in a project, has some way (a prefix arg?) to select a (different) CMake preset again.

Actual behavior

Configure command: cmake . --preset <previously-selected-preset> prompt in minibuffer without completion for presets.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  • Have a CMake project with at least two configure presets
  • s-p C, select one of the presets
  • s-p C again, wishing to select the other preset

Environment & Version information

CMake 3.20.4

Projectile version information

Projectile 2.4.0

With a workaround for applied:

(defun dotfiles--projectile--cmake-all-command-presets (command-type)
  "Get CMake user and system COMMAND-TYPE presets."
   (mapcar (lambda (filename)
             (projectile--cmake-command-presets filename command-type))
           '("CMakeUserPresets.json" "CMakePresets.json"))))
(advice-add #'projectile--cmake-all-command-presets :override

Emacs version


Operating system

macOS 11.4


Answer questions jehelset

as a quickfix you could use something like this:

(defun projectile-reconfigure-command (compile-dir)
  "Retrieve the configure command for COMPILE-DIR without considering history.

The command is determined like this:

- first we check for `projectile-project-configure-cmd' supplied
via .dir-locals.el

- finally we check for the default configure command for a
project of that type"
  (or projectile-project-configure-cmd
      (let ((cmd-format-string (projectile-default-configure-command (projectile-project-type))))
        (when cmd-format-string
          (format cmd-format-string (projectile-project-root) compile-dir)))))

(defun projectile-reconfigure-project (arg)
  "Run project configure command without considering command history.

Normally you'll be prompted for a compilation command, unless
variable `compilation-read-command'.  You can force the prompt
with a prefix ARG."
  (interactive "P")
  (let ((command (projectile-reconfigure-command (projectile-compilation-dir))))
    (projectile--run-project-cmd command projectile-configure-cmd-map
                                 :show-prompt arg
                                 :prompt-prefix "Configure command: "
                                 :save-buffers t)))

and bind projectile-reconfigure-command to a suitable key.

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