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There are currently multiple ways to invoke a Lambda function through Step Functions tasks

InvokeFunction - initial offering by Step Functions to invoke a Lambda function. RunLambdaTask - latest mechanism to invoke a Lambda function. includes all the functionality as InvokeFunction but also enables the capability to pause a workflow until a task token is returned or fire and forget.

Both of these mechanisms are valid in the Amazon States Language

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  • Mark the InvokeFunction task as as deprecated and guide users towards using the newer RunLambdaTask. This solution is less abrasive than simply removing the legacy mechanism as there are likely customers who will not want to be forced to migrate.


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Answer questions eikeon

@shivlaks, The RunLambdaTask does not appear to offer the sync running of a lambda that the InvokeFunction did. Has the initial offering by Step Function to (synchronously) invoke a Lambda function been deprecated? I've not seen any documentation suggesting that.

The use case I'm currently working on has a Lambda function that's meant to be run synchronously and modifying it to fit the service integration pattern (that doesn't support sync in the case of lambda) only complicates it. Is the intent to have RunLambdaTask also support sync?


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