Ask questionsTrailing comma, spacing, and incorrect parentheses causes build issues in an application

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Current behavior

<Please describe here what faulty behavior you are experiencing> Trailing comma causes build issues

Expected behavior

No Trailing comma should exist in math.max

Steps to reproduce the problem

This code block in the AutoNumeric.js file has a trailing comma after the last additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue variable as bolded below settings.decimalPlacesRawValue = Math.max(Math.max(settings.decimalPlacesShownOnBlur, settings.decimalPlacesShownOnFocus) +additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue, Number(settings.originalDecimalPlacesRawValue) + additionalDecimalPlacesRawValue, );


Answer questions AlexandreBonneau

Trailing commas are valid in function parameters since ECMAScript 2017. The autoNumeric eslint configuration uses the comma-dangle option accordingly.

If your build is failing, it means your build process does not correctly manage ECMAScript.

All in all, trailing commas, spacing and parentheses are always checked by eslint on build (and during edition via my IDE), so an error there is highly unlikely. I would suggest you give eslint a try (with that configuration file; it helps quite a lot.


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