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It has been quite a while since a release has been rolled out. This issue proposes a roadmap to the next release.

Since there have been many major changes to the HAL recently, I suggest we try to tie off as many features as we can before pulling the trigger to avoid too many breaking changes between future releases.

The reason for suggesting not moving to 1.0.0 is that most people here believe that the API is not mature/stable enough to yet incur that burden.

Please comment if you'd like to see items on/off this list:

To-do list

  • [x] New SERCOM Pad API (#434)
  • [x] Remove sercom::v2::Pad type (#451)
  • [x] Add pull resistor support for EIC pins to v2 GPIO API (#444)
  • [x] Finalize UART v2 (#443)
  • [x] Finalize DMAC module (#432)
  • [x] Come to an agreement on how to support a BSP tier system (please go voice your opinions in #433!)

Nice to haves

  • [ ] New clocking API (#450)
  • [ ] Get a changelog up and start tagging releases

About v2 modules

It has been mentioned in the Matrix channel that supporting v1 and v2 drivers is going against the intent of semantic versioning. Following that spirit, I'd like to propose retiring the v1 modules where their v2 counterpart is mature enough. I'd like to take suggestions on how this should be done, though. There are a few ways of doing it:

  • Mark the v1 modules as deprecated and up for retirement in a subsequent release
  • Retire the v1 modules immediately (BSPs will need to be caught up to v2)
  • Keep supporting the v1 modules

Related issues

  • #447
  • #334
  • #433

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Should we include #450 as well? Edit: oop, read too fast.


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