Ask questionsHTTP Error 500.0 - ANCM In-Process Handler Load Failure

Still no resolution for this ? Should we switch back to using core 2.1 for the time being ?

I added the changes to the Movie class (the Display and Column attributes) after that I get the above error as soon as I try and navigate to: https://localhost:44301/Movies.

It is only the Movies route that causes the 500 error, I can't find anything useful by placing breakpoints anywhere.

Various mentions online of web.config, but there IS NO web.config - only MvcMovie.csproj file and that is only available in the folder view, not in the Solution Explorer for some reason - even with the Show All Files button selected.

From my event log (if it helps):

Failed to start application '/LM/W3SVC/2/ROOT/movies', ErrorCode '0x80004005'. Process Id: 15504. File Version: 12.2.18292.0. Description: IIS ASP.NET Core Module V2. Commit: b92c82e97f19f77c95752340066a64a337551e6d

There was another error at the same time: Only one inprocess application is allowed per IIS application pool. Please assign the application '/LM/W3SVC/2/ROOT/movies' to a different IIS application pool.

(for some reason the github text editor truncates that token value above !!)


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@GuitarHero1969 Thanks so much - was looking for ages to see what the issue was and choosing the "Project" instead of IIS express is what solved it.


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