Ask questionsAspNetCore 3.0 Blazor Server inconsistent rendering between server and client of authorized components

I am seeing a weird issue during the runtime of my ASP.NET Core 3.0 Blazor Server app where the prerendered page properly renders HTML inside of an <AuthorizeView Policy="Admin"> but quickly gets updated to render the <NotAuthorized> version once the browser client loads. I've attached a video demo below as well as the relevant source code. You can see the view flicker from the properly authorized view to the unauthorized one, even though the user remains logged in with the appropriate claims.




In Startup.cs:

services.AddAuthorization(options =>
    options.AddPolicy("Admin", policy =>
        policy.RequireAssertion(context => context.User.HasClaim(c => c.Issuer == "Microsoft"));

In NavMenu.razor:

<AuthorizeView Policy="Admin">
        <NavLink href="/admin">Admin</NavLink>

In Admin.razor:

@page "/admin"
@attribute [Authorize(Policy = "Admin")]


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I've added some debug output to the Razor page to enumerate over all user claims using the code below. Something weird is happening where the initial server render contains the proper set of claims and the right issuer, and then when the client loads it switches all the issuers to LOCAL AUTHORITY and duplicates the claims.


        @foreach (var claim in context.User.Claims)
            <p>@claim.Type - @claim.Value Issued By @claim.Issuer</p>

Server rendered: Server_rendered

Client rendered: Client_rendered

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