Ask questionsASP.NET Core 3.0 Blazor Server fails to load when deploying multiple servers


  • ASP.NET Core - v3.0.0
  • Microsoft.Azure.SignalR - v1.1.1 (deployed on Azure using Standard pricing and Default model)

Startup Configuration



In the browser console:

Error: The list of component records is not valid.
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Invocation canceled due to the underlying connection being closed.

Additional context

This error only occurs when I deploy the ASP.NET Core app to multiple servers behind a load balancer. The docs seem to suggest that when using Azure SignalR Service, sticky sessions are handled automatically for you, but this error appears to suggest otherwise?


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@anurse I will setup the tracing shortly, just want to further clarify that everything works as expected when I simply change the Kubernetes deployment replica size to 1. This means that requests to that single pod are still routed through the same load balancer and nginx ingress controller, and the wss:// connection appears to work just fine.


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