Ask questionsError: Invocation canceled due to the underlying connection being closed.

Describe the bug

As i am deployed and hosted the blazor server application in azure. And then i have re-direct the custom domain via AWS. For initial time the application runs properly.

But after some time like 5-10mins, the application throws the following script error. image

This is only occurred in server side application only. Client side app working properly.

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create blazor server App
  2. Published and host the azure site
  3. Redirect the custom Domain using AWS
  4. See error after couple of mins like ' image '



Additional context

I have followed the same steps for client side Blazor App. It works fine. But the error only throws randomly in server application only.

I have used latest .net SDK RC 1 / preview 9 and vs 2019 16.3preview 4

Can any one please help me to resolve this?


Answer questions mkArtakMSFT

Thanks for contacting us, @kmuthukumar23. This looks like an issue with the actual load-balancer/gateway you're using, which ends up dropping the connection. If this is the case, Azure SignalR service would definitely help. Can you give this a try? Is that a viable option for you?

@anurse do you have any guidance for these types of situations?


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