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First of all, we love Blazor!

The only thing keeping us from moving to Blazor as our core front-end technology is the lack of CSS Isolation in Blazor Components. We currently use Angular and it has awesome support for CSS Isolation. This feature has changed the way we develop UI and we could never go back to not having it. We like the unopinionated approach you are taking with Blazor, but this is a feature we believe is essential and worth adding. We don't believe you need to have full web component support, but we do believe having the ability to turn on CSS Isolation at a component level or in an entire project would be an amazing addition that would enable better apps, app management, and a nicer experience for developers. Please add this feature.

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@RemiBou yeah with CSS there's a lot you can do for sure but what we're referring to here is really support of Shadow DOM from the Web Components specification ( It would be awesome to see these standards baked into the framework itself with the ability to toggle it on or off if you didn't want to use it.

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