Ask questionsImprovement: for Antora, intellisense for anchors of included pages.

I use include::'s to break up a large page into smaller onces, and use leveloffset=+1 so that the H1 of the included pages becomes an H2 (with implicit anchor) in the parent page that includes them.

so given:

  • parent.adoc
  • parent/child-1.adoc
  • parent/child-2.adoc

in parent.adoc I have:


Where in child-1.adoc it is:

= Child-1

yada yada

I'd like Intellisense to be able to find the implicit "child-1" anchor.

In other words, when I type:


and hit ctrl-enter, then I'd like "child-1", "child-2" to be offered as anchors.


Answer questions ahus1

Pre-release 0.30.38 is available. Please give it a try and let me know if this works for you.

The new pre-release of the plugin is available from GitHub releases and the IntelliJ AsciiDoc EAP repository.


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