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Hello! I was curious on how intense it would be to add an enhancement for this add-on to include information either about what git branch the projects are currently on and/or the number of additions / removals on each projects respective git branch.

I can look into this as well when I get a spare moment to offer a PR to the project if this would be something anybody else would be interested in having. I just wasn't sure how much effort would be involved with something like this.

Thanks for this add-on in either case! Very helpful not to get overloaded with code windows 😃


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I get it! Show this info for each project, not only the current (which VS Code already provides).

Well, I think it’s doable. I just wonder about the time it would take to detect/calculate the info (asynchronous communication to remote repo) depending on the number repos you have.

But I’m sure two things wouldn’t be possible today (lack of API), at least based on your design, which is pretty good, btw :+1:

  • Right aligned info
  • Colored info

Thank you for your suggestion


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