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Project path is saved with the wrong slash, rather than saving with / it saves with \\:

		"name": "monitoring",
		"rootPath": "\\home\\maurgi\\go\\src\\monitoring",
		"paths": [],
		"group": "",
		"enabled": true

then when I try to open it fails:

Path does not exist

The path '\home\maurgi\go\src\monitoring' does not seem to exist anymore on disk.


Answer questions alefragnani

Well, both installations won’t share the projects, so this scenario won’t be possible.

If you install it on remote, the projects will be stored on that remote, and unavailable on Host. You will be able to switch projects on that remote, but only when connected to it. This was the desired scenario reported in #323.

The idea for this release is to allow you to save projects on Host, projects that refers to remotes (Docker, WSL and SSH), and be able to open them, directly from Project Manager commands. So, you can, on you local machine, connect to any remote project.

Unfortunately, merging host and remote projects isn’t available, and I guess not even possible, based on my researches on VS Code APIs. I didn’t find any API (at all) available to work with the VS Code Remote extension 😞 .

Hope this helps


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