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Hi, I maintain VS Code's Webview API


Our telemetry suggests that your extension uses webviews and may be loading resources in these webviews using hardcoded vscode-resource: URIs. These URIs have some important limitations and don't work properly when VS Code is run in a browser. We are also making changes in the desktop version of VS Code that may cause these URIs to not work properly in future versions of VS Code.

While we are making our best effort to continue support existing webview extensions that use vscode-resource: URIs on desktop versions of VS Code, we will not able to fully support all uses cases.


To ensure that your extension continues to work in as many environments as possible—including on web and remotely—please:

These APIs shipped around 2 years ago so they should be available in all modern versions of VS Code. You can find additional information about the issue here:

Let me know if you have any questions about this change


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Hi @mjbvz ,

This is already being tracked in

Thank you for reporting


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