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Please give us a description of what happened.

We had to deactivate Yoast Plugin because with the count of near to 200.000 posts (around 800.000 rows in posts) and around 730.000 ( 365.000 _wp_attached_file ) post_meta rows it was slowing down the server from 25% to 75% database load and more.

We tracked it down to this query that seems to come from you plugin:

SELECT post_id FROM postmeta WHERE meta_key = '_wp_attached_file' AND meta_value = '2017/06/vers1-1.jpg'

Seems be be the image of twitter cards.

We did not look into you code, but with deactivating Yoast Plugin all went back to normal.

Please describe what you expected to happen and why.

I think searching in the not indexable post_meta.meta_value field should be moved elsewhere for performance reasons. Perhaps it is possible to store the post ID for the attachment in the wp_options or something like this.

How can we reproduce this behavior?

  1. Make a lot of posts with a lot of attachements
  2. Get a lot of visitors
  3. Than you will see that the exact same query I talked about earlier is executing very long and at every pageimpression

Technical info

  • WordPress version: 4.9.6
  • Yoast SEO version: 7.7
  • Depending Plugins: Yoast SEO: News

Answer questions raptor235


I'm still seeing this issue with premium 12.3 version...

<img src=''/>

query monitor is reporting the slow query

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