Ask questionsRequriements.txt creates dependancy issue (on Windows machine)

ERROR: Cannot install -r requirements.txt (line 1) and urllib3==1.26.5 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies.

The conflict is caused by:
The user requested urllib3==1.26.5
requests 2.24.0 depends on urllib3!=1.25.0, !=1.25.1, <1.26 and >=1.21.1

I believe maybe this is caused by the bumping of urllib3 version made June 2. Should maybe requests version be bumped to latest version as well? (2.25.1 at the moment)


Answer questions WebBreacher

Tested and this fixed the issue. THANK YOU @kimberlyJ69 for finding this issue, making this report, and suggesting the perfect fix for it. Really do appreciate your efforts here!


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