Ask questionsConstant growth of goroutines number at vmstorage

Describe the bug

Running VictoriaMetrics cluster v1.33.0 with 3 vmstorage instances. Observing constant increase in a number of goroutines at vmstorage components. Had same behavior with v1.32.6.

To Reproduce

These issues just started happening after upgrade from 1.31.5 to 1.32.6.


Drops to zero are caused by vmstorage restarts.




Used command-line flags

vmstorage flags:

flag{name="bigMergeConcurrency", value="0"} 1
flag{name="dedup.minScrapeInterval", value="0s"} 1
flag{name="enableTCP6", value="false"} 1
flag{name="fs.disableMmap", value="false"} 1
flag{name="http.disableResponseCompression", value="false"} 1
flag{name="httpListenAddr", value=":8482"} 1
flag{name="loggerFormat", value="default"} 1
flag{name="loggerLevel", value="INFO"} 1
flag{name="loggerOutput", value="stderr"} 1
flag{name="memory.allowedPercent", value="60"} 1
flag{name="precisionBits", value="64"} 1
flag{name="retentionPeriod", value="6"} 1
flag{name="rpc.disableCompression", value="false"} 1
flag{name="search.maxTagKeys", value="secret"} 1
flag{name="search.maxTagValues", value="100000"} 1
flag{name="search.maxUniqueTimeseries", value="300000"} 1
flag{name="smallMergeConcurrency", value="0"} 1
flag{name="snapshotAuthKey", value="secret"} 1
flag{name="storageDataPath", value="/vmstorage-data"} 1
flag{name="version", value="false"} 1

Additional context

Also attaching /debug/pprof/goroutine from every vmstorage instance:


Answer questions valyala

@pavdmyt , the bugfix is available v1.33.1, so you can try it and verify whether it fixes the issue.


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