Ask questionsAdd set(distinct elements) in rapidjson

I want to create following Json object

     "property1"=[2010, 2013, 2015],
     "property2"=["str1, "str2", str3"],
      "property3"=[true, false]

property1, property2, property3 is basically an array but with distinct elements. Currently I am creating through:

document.AddMember("property2", Value(kArrayType), allocator);
document.AddMember("property3", Value(kArrayType), allocator);```
Then I iterate over the list and push the value in the object through:

```for (auto& iter: object_info_list) {
    document["property1"].PushBack(iter->property1, allocator); //int value
    document["property2"].PushBack(iter->property2, allocator); // string value
    document["property3"].PushBack(iter->property3, allocator); // bool value
But the above statement pushes all the values (duplicates) as well. Is there a way to add distinct values only (like set in c++)

Thank you in advance

Answer questions miloyip

I think you may use std::unique() on your data structures, with std::sort() it is O(n log n). RapidJSON actually just use a vector-like data strcture internally, which cannot handle this purpose efficient (O(n^2)).


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