Ask questionsWhen parse a json string, kParseErrorStringEscapeInvalid error will appear, when the value string contains a tab character

My json string a = {"msg":" hello abc","mtime":1596531824} ; There are tabs before the value of msg, and a parse error occurs when document.Parse(a.c_str()) is called

code: rapidjson::Document document; auto errorCode = document.Parse(a.c_str()).GetParseError(); if (errorCode != rapidjson::kParseErrorNone) std::cout<<"json parse failed. errorCode = "<<code<<" ,data = "<<a.c_str()<<std::endl;

will print: json parse failed. errorCode = 10 ,data = {"msg":" hello abc","mtime":1596531824}


Answer questions miloyip

Your code above is not complete and runnable.


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