Ask questionsCrash when parsing a JSON combining emoji and Cyrillic characters

Hello RapidJSON team / Milo,

I am getting a crash when invoking rapidjson::Document::Parse. The error code is kParseErrorStringUnicodeSurrogateInvalid.

The crash is coming from the if block between lines 1023 and 1032 in reader.h. If I comment the block out, the crash does not happen.

I don't see the version anywhere in the source code, but my files are dated by May 2018. Thanks in advance, and thanks for your work.



Answer questions miloyip

We added kParseErrorStringUnicodeSurrogateInvalid in #1744 And I found that "\ud83dе\udeac" in your JSON is invalid, causing the parse complain about this. But it should not "crash".


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