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I encountered some differences between the kParseValidateEncodingFlag and the kWriteValidateEncodingFlag with regrads to surrogates.

In the following example:

int main () {
   const auto input = R"EOS(["\udc4d"])EOS";
   rapidjson::Document doc;
   rapidjson::ParseResult parseResult = doc.Parse<rapidjson::kParseValidateEncodingFlag>(input);
   if(parseResult.IsError()) {
     throw std::runtime_error("Parse Error");
   OStreamWrapper wrapper{std::cout};
   auto writer = Writer<rapidjson::OStreamWrapper, rapidjson::UTF8<>, rapidjson::UTF8<>, rapidjson::CrtAllocator, rapidjson::kWriteValidateEncodingFlag>(wrapper);
   if(!doc.Accept(writer)) {
     throw std::runtime_error("Write Error");

the input (an array with a single low surrogate) is parsed without an error, but later when writing the document to the stream an error is thrown. is this a known issue or am I missing something in the example ? If this is an issue and should be fixed I could provide a pull request that modifies the handling of surrogates in reader.h

Thanks for your work and kind regards


Answer questions miloyip

I think kParseValidateEncodingFlag is not related in this problem, and can be omitted to reproduce this situation. I checked the currently Reader handled unpaired surrogate with single high surrogate, but not single low surrogate:

I think it should generate kParseErrorStringUnicodeSurrogateInvalid as well for leading low surrogate. I have not research much on this. May need to dig more on the standards and try on other implementations. Open for discussion.


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