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What is the expected behavior?

SVERVERWEIS Formula should work with $ in Matrix Parameter

What is the current behavior?

When i insert a SVERVERWEIS formula with the $ marker in the Matrix definition the getCalculatedValue() method throws an exception: Formula Error: An unexpected error occured

What are the steps to reproduce?

Please provide a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example of code that exhibits the issue without relying on an external Excel file or a web server:

Create a empty excel sheet with Worksheet and Tabelle1 and the =SVERWEIS(E3;Tabelle1!$B:$D;3;FALSCH) formula.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Create new Spreadsheet object
        $spreadsheet = \PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\IOFactory::load("../storage/app/template/test.xlsx");     
        $sheet = $spreadsheet->getSheetByName('Worksheet');
        $sheet->setCellValue('F5', 'Test');

        $writer = new Xlsx($spreadsheet);

// add code that show the issue here...

Which versions of PhpSpreadsheet and PHP are affected?


Answer questions p1ngb4ck

Could you provide an example of how to do this? This is some really bad issue for a lot of users => why do you close this instantly whithout any help?

Real world case is : Admin gets an excel sheet regularly by a 2nd company. There is no possible way to make the 2nd company work with en_us formulae. Admin needs to read in the file.

I fully understand, there needs to be a default to rely on. So of course en_us formulae format makes sense.


Actually I see this as one of the most typical usecases (my real world case) for this library - could somebody PLEASE at least provide some sane example on how to do correctly use Calculation Engine locale settings? From my pov, Calc Engine should use the system-default locale setting - and at least try to use most common / known localized variants.

Edit : just verified, PHPSpreadSheet does exactly that. The hint from MarkBaker was just a too quick close, due to not realizing the real underlying bug.

When I debugged this in my usecase, I am right now verifying, this aint even the problem => the reference is being read as VLOOKUP internally .. the error is based on wrong interpretation of the matrix indeed. So closing this bug report was just a false quick shot

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