Ask questionsOpen Community (TDC) Meeting, Thursday 17 June 2021

NOTE: This meeting is on Thursday at 9am - 10am PT

Zoom Meeting link: Dial-in passcode: 763054

In order to give some more visibility into the topics we cover in the TDC meetings here is the planned agenda for the next meeting. Hopefully this will allow people to plan to attend meetings for topics that they have an interest in. And for folks who cannot attend they can comment on this issue prior to the meeting. Feel free to suggest other potential agenda topics.

Please submit comments below for topics or proposals that you wish to present in the TDC meeting

The agenda backlog is currently maintained in issue #2482

Topic Owner Decision/NextStep
Discriminator improvements PR #2618 #2621 @jdesrosiers
JSON Schema bundling blog proposal @Relequestual
New / small PRs #2515 #2616 @MikeRalphson
Reports from Special-Interest-Groups TDC
AOB (see below) TDC
New issues / PRs labelled review @OAI/triage
New issues without response yet @OAI/triage

/cc @OAI/tsc Please suggest items for inclusion


Answer questions MikeRalphson

@aliraza1231 Here you go - meeting recording, complete with audio issues from about 0:24:0 in!

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