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Release notes from 4 May said that there is a new support for variables between stages called stageDependencies.

Tried it in a pipeline and got "An error occurred while loading the YAML build pipeline. Unrecognized value: 'stageDependencies'. Located at position 5 within expression: eq( stageDependencies.Build.Plan.outputs['plan.output'], '2' )"

How are you suppose to use this feature?

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I assumed that it would be something like it's not implemented yet since the above stackoverflow only mentions jobs can access other stages.

stageDependencies would be a fix to a problem we are facing, update but no change. We run a terraform plan on every pr push but only want to trigger a apply if there are changes in the plan. But we don't want to trigger an apply without a human gate so we have added a gate in the environment so the stage does not trigger without our knowledge. This causes a lot of our pipelines to be "Pending, waiting approval" when they are "Done, no change needed".

My hope is that the condition is run before gates so you can trigger the stage and environment gates only if the condition applies.

Another nice thing would be human gates as a condition instead of an environment gate so you could define the gate in the yaml, would up the visibility of who is the target reviewer.


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